Iceland, My Love

8 thoughts on “Iceland, My Love”

  1. It is not weird to want to visit and immerse oneself in a different place. I like geology and I like volcanos; Iceland would be one big droolfest of tectonic awesomeness.

    1. You would love it! The scenery is epic, and the food in Reykjavik is totally up your alley. Either make it your destination, or use Icelandair to stop over on your way to Europe next time. You can do up to a 7 day layover free of charge. You can’t NOT do it!

  2. I’m going to be going to Iceland the end of October – which I think is around the same time of year you were there on this post! I’m curious how the roads were? We want to do some exploring on the ring road – is a smaller car going to be okay on the roads that time of year? (the jeeps are so expensive!) Thanks!!

    1. Yay! You’re going to love it. We were there mid-late November and the roads were fine. We had a Honda CRV 4WD and were glad we had it – there was a decent amount of snow in the Golden Circle and South (to Vik and just a bit further east). No more than 5cm, but because we wanted to drive in to see the waterfalls, etc, we needed a 4WD/SUV because the snow was a bit deeper off the Ring Road. October shouldn’t be as snowy, but in my opinion, it’s worth it to have the better-equipped car just in case. Hope that helps!

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