Hola, 2012!

…I’ve got big plans for you!

In terms of travel, 2011 was a great year. It also ended with a bit of a (good) bang.

Sunrise on Mt Kinabalu Malaysia

Epic sunrise atop Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia – a highlight of 2011

After nine months working part-time with WHL Group doing sales and project management for Urban Adventures (and a lil’ bit for Gunyah), I was offered the role of Digital Marketing Specialist with Urban Adventures (!!!!). Not only am I now a full time, core management employee doing wicked amazing things with a company I love, but I’ve also shifted over to the Intrepid side of UA (it’s a joint venture partnership), meaning I get to be more involved in all the fantastic travel experiences Intrepid has to offer. Holla.

Also – I’m still (relatively) location independent. While still based in Toronto, I’ll be able to work on the road if I want to, which suits my 2012 travel plans perfectly.

Sunset in Naples Florida

Yeah, I can still work from Naples, FL whenever I want. Sunsets and champagne included.

What’s in store for me this year? Lots. I plan on tackling some travel goals, hitting some new places, and travelling a little more slowly than I have in the past. Local, responsible, and sustainable travel will be at the centre of my plans, as always. So what do I plan on getting up to?

  • Fluency in Spanish. I’ve been taking lessons for about six months now, and while I’m still only at the intermediate two level, I’m aiming for fluency. Will 2012 be the year?! Espero que si.
  • Panama. We’re booked for a one week post-Easter/post-Semana Santa visit. Meeting up with my bf’s long-time friends, and practicing my Spanish!
  • Southern US Road Trip con mi madre! Hotlanta to Naples via Savannah and St. Augustine. Ready for some down-home food and gorgeous Southern architecture.
  • LONDON. That’s right, I’m coming back! It’s been a year and a half since leaving the fatherland, and I’m coming back for the Olympics / Paralympics. Gold!
  • Ireland. Am trying for a weekend mini-break while I’m in London. I’ve never actually been to Ireland, and I feel a visit is long overdue.
  • BC/Alberta. Another homecoming! Hitting up the Rockies, a little Lake Louise, some wine-tasting, and visiting old friends.
  • Mini-breaks. We love long weekends because they’re perfect for mini-breaks! On our agenda is Chicago and St. John’s, maybe even a little MTL and Ottawa action too. Might even slip down to De-troit or Cleveland to see the Jays on the road. All I know is that summer is going to be awesome.
  • THE BIG ONE. I want to go to Jordan. I have my eyes on Intrepid’s Jordan & Egypt Express, Explore Jordan, or Petra and Wadi Trek. I’ve wanted to go to Jordan since we wrote a sustainability report on the country’s tourism strategy in 2009, and I just might make 2012 the year. Perhaps a birrday pressie to meeeee!

See why I’m so excited for 2012?!

Are you excited for 2012? What are your travel plans this year?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    Congrats on the new job, lady!

    1. Thanks! :) It’s been keeping me reallllly busy, which I like!

  2. Some exciting destinations here! Jordan would be amazing and it sounds like your job is pretty incredible! As always, keep on visiting Panama!

    1. Thanks, the job is great. And Jordan has been on my list for years – since we did a critical analysis of their tourism strategy in uni (nerd alert!). Your job is sick too – loving your photos. Can’t wait to visit you in Panama! Only three more months to go!

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