Back to Naples…Adventure Style?

SO stoked. I’m heading back to Naples, Florida with my mum for my birthday in November!

This time, since I’m lucky enough to be going for the third time this year, I’m going to venture out and do some new things in Naples. Normally we just chill, eat, and drink, and while I totally love that (seriously, it’s like the best part about going to Naples), I want to be more active while we’re there.

Yes, I’m actually going to work out while on holiday.

Ever since running a half-marathon in May, I’ve become a fairly regular runner, and I like to keep it up as much as possible while I’m travelling. I love cycling and running in Naples, but in addition to that, a little cross-training couldn’t hurt!

Beach champagne in NaplesThis is what we normally do on the Naples beach…drink champers and watch the sun set.

My eyes are on the prize, and I’m looking to try stand up paddle boarding for the first time. There are a few rental places in Naples, so I’m dead set on getting this going. Apparently it’s great for your abs…which will do well to counteract all that Friday champagne I’ll be powering back.

What else? Well, last time my parents were there, they sat on the beach and watched kite-boarders fly over the water and down the shore. Am I brave enough to do this? We’ll see.

Can I turn relaxing Naples into an adventure destination? Who knows. It’s not entirely likely, but I’ll give it my best shot. I’ve written about Naples as a luxury destination, and up until now, the most adventurous we got was fan-boat tours in Alligator Alley.

Actually, I’d call floating with gators, feeding them marshmallows, totally at their mercy, adventurous, wouldn’t you?

Stay tuned…

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