Goal: To Be Fluent in Spanish

Something I’ve learned in the last few years is that it’s simply not enough to only speak one language, both when you travel and when you want to have a global career. This is especially the case when your first language is English, because many professionals from non-English speaking countries (Europe…specifically Germany, I’m looking at you) can not only speak at least two (usually three or more) languages fluently, they’re also working and thriving in English-speaking work environments.

Does that make sense, or do I need to take English lessons too?

Anyway, armed with a reasonable proficiency in French, and a desire to work in a global environment through sustainable tourism consultancy and the UNWTO, I know that I need to add another language to my repertoire. At this point, Spanish makes the most sense, so in January of this year, I took Spanish lessons for three months.

My arsenal for learning Spanish

While I thought my instructor was lovely and kind, the lessons didn’t have the structure I needed. I’m one of those people who needs languages to be mapped out precisely and logically. I can’t learn just by immersing in conversation, I need a solid foundation first, before I jump into that.

Spanish is helpful when travelling
If I knew more Spanish, I could have chatted with these Peruvian alpacas.

Enter The Spanish Centre. They seem like they have exactly what I’m looking for – structured lessons akin to high school language classes. Perfect. I’m enrolled in Beginner 2 and Low Intermediate 1 for the fall, and am really looking forward to working my way all the way up to High Advanced 2. That’s nine levels. Aiaiai.

Might take me a couple years, but fluency is my goal. I want to read a book by Isabelle Allende in the language in which it was written.

Madrid's Parc del Retiro
I'd love to chill in Madrid's Parc del Retiro with a Spanish novel.

After that, re-fluent myself in French. Then, German. Then, Japanese.

I’m serious.

Wish me luck, and humour me as I stumble my way through español on Twitter and maybe even this blog. And if you know Spanish, help me out a little, eh?!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Zak Suhar says:

    Nice post, I cannot wait for my study abroad in Alicante. I hope to become fluent =)

    1. Thanks! I’m envious of your trip to Alicante! Good luck with your goal too :)

  2. Good luck!!! You can totally do it. I think you should write a Spanish blog entry : )

    1. Gracias! I think I just might! … after a while, though hehe.

  3. Es una buena meta. Le deseo lo mejor en su camino a aprender la lengua de Cervantes, Ruben Dario,Garcia Marquez, Gallegos, etc. Te recomiendo aprender el espanol de latinoamerica. Cualquier pregunta, estamos para servirle.

    1. Gracias! Penso que yo comprendo. (?)

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