Toronto, You & Your Food Truck Rebellion Make Me Happy

Toronto’s having a bit of a food rebellion. Well, maybe not a rebellion, but certainly a resistance (said in a French accent) of sorts.

Due to city regulations and red tape, we can’t have food trucks on public property (ie. streets) in the city. Just hot dog vendors, pretty much. With the popularity of Eat St. on the Food Network, Torontonians realised how short our short end of the stick really was.

Food trucks started cropping up outside the city, and some city food purveyors decked out their own trucks, to be used on private property for events. Excellent.

Then, the awesome Suresh from Spotlight Toronto started Food Truck Eats – three events throughout the summer that gather food trucks, food vendors, and famished Torontonians on private property – the Distillery District. I missed the first one, but the Adventuress Abroad and I grabbed some friends and hit up the second one last weekend and was so happy I barely noticed how crowded it was.

Original was the best...

I didn’t get enough photos, because I was too busy nomming, so if you want more visuals, one of the members of the Facebook group posted his Flickr album for all to drool over.


Gorilla Cheese, you were worth the wait. Baker Street, those pies were beautiful and delicious. Simple Fish and Chips, cajun catfish taco omnomnom. And Sweet Escape, I am so happy I don’t live near you because that s’mores bar would fatten me up so fast if I could get my hands on it more often.

Amazing s'mores bar at Sweet Escape

The third Food Truck Eats is scheduled for 1 October.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. darqlabs says:

    thats awesome. good to see the trucks banding together to make things happen. and that sweet escape s’mores bar looks delicious.
    thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re welcome! It’s awesome that everyone’s getting together and trying to make food trucks a real possibility in the city. So much fun! And yes, that s’mores bar was totally ridiculous. I’m so glad I didn’t have to share it with anyone hehe. Thanks for reading!

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