Airport Awkward

Getting felt up by security, having security empty your bag full of tampons in front of the whole world, and knowing that those body scanners are gonna catch you with your granny panties on.

We’ve all faced awkward times at the airport, but they don’t always involve invasions of privacy courtesy of security.

My most awkward airport experience? Travelling with my dad.

We’re checking in at the BA lounge in Toronto before our flight to London. Now, my dad is in his early 60s. I’m in my mid-20s. I promise you that I don’t look older than I am.

“Welcome to the lounge, Mr. and Mrs. Young.”


“Ew, he’s my dad”.

My dad thought it was hilarious. I didn’t, until I saw the absolutely mortified look on the agent’s face. Ha! This airport awkward was on her for assuming my dad was a sugar daddy and that I was a gold digger.

I’d love to hear of other non-security airport awkwards. Or some really good security ones, if you’ve got em!

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