Horseback Riding Around Lake Louise

On our cross-country drive we stopped at Lake Louise in Banff National Park. Lake Louise had been on my list for a long time, and it was fantastic to finally get here. We only stayed for a night, but it was enough to be completely enamoured by the hotel, the lake, the mountains, dawn, and dusk. Gorgeous.

Lake Louise Alberta

On the morning we were leaving, we decided to do a horseback riding tour from one end of the lake and back again. Mum and I both rode horses when we were younger, but hadn’t been on them in ages, so we were really looking forward to this little adventure.

Horses at Lake Louise Alberta

We rode through the forest for a bit, which was lovely, but it wasn’t until we hit a clearing that we were totally in awe of where we were. I took the photo below on our way back to the Chateau, which you can see faintly in the centre background, and it shows just how dramatic the landscape is in this part of the country.

Horseback Riding at Lake Louise Alberta

The lake was pristine and emerald, the trees looked like they were painted by Bob Ross of the Joy of Painting, and even the floodplain in the foreground was beautiful.

Horseback riding at Lake Louise Alberta

Looking back, I’m so glad we did this horseback riding tour. Not only did we both get the chance to relive our equestrian pasts, but we got the opportunity to see Lake Louise from a perspective that not everyone has the privilege of seeing.

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