Travel Tuesday – Ecotourism in Panama and Albania

Happy Travel Tuesday!

Birdwatching in PanamaYesterday my two latest ecotourism posts went up on MyNatour. One is all about Panama, which is a total haven for birdwatching. Seeing as the country is literally a bridge between North and South America, it has species from both regions, which is totally unique. Ten points to Panama for being a ridiculously cool country for ecotourism.

Ecotourism adventures with Outdoor AlbaniaNext, I traveled (via the internet, obviously) to Albania, with loads of tips thanks to my friend Cynthia. The Outdoor Albania Association has some great projects its involved in, including the recently completed improvement of infrastructure at the Caves of Pellumbas. Also, Outdoor Albania, a tour operator based in Tirana, offers some sick trips, including kayaking and whitewater rafting amidst some ridiculous scenery (ie. a massive, massive canyon). Mad thanks to Cynthia Ord for her help with this one. She worked for Outdoor Albania and spent a few months living in Tirana last year, so she has written some really interesting and diverse pieces on the country. The rest of her blog is pretty awesome too, not gonna lie.

So there you have it – another trip to two totally different parts of the world, both with ecotourism opportunities that make me totally antsy to get on a plane and go explore. I guess the internet will just have to do…for now, of course!



Photo Credit: #1 – Billtacular; #2 – Outdoor Albania

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