Old England in the Surrey Hills

Last spring we lucked out and had fantastic weather for our planned hike through the Surrey Hills from Guildford to Shere. Lucky for me, as I was a tad worse for wear, and really couldn’t have handled poor weather. Oops.

The walk was beautiful, and almost made me forget about how terrible I felt. We found a tiny old church perched upon a hill, a massive field of lavender hidden under a canopy of tall trees, and some cool bits of heritage, like this super old postbox built into the stone pillar.



To me, this just represented quintessential ‘old England’. You know, what us new world kids always want to see when we go to Europe. The town of Shere was just that. We visited famous sites from films (The Holiday and Bridget Jones’ Diary 2), and celebrated Pimms O’Clock on the patio of the White Horse pub. The hair of the dog was much needed after some 15km of hiking in gorgeous sunshine.

This week is my graduation from my Master’s, and I’m not going. Long story, but it wasn’t really feasible to go back to England right now, for many reasons, so I’m at home feeling ridiculously nostalgic, hence, this week’s photo. Enjoy!

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