Lovely clouds over Krakow’s main square

We spent a lot of time in Krakow’s main square. Our overnight train from Prague arrived in at some horrendous hour of the morning (6am is indeed horrendous when you’re a twenty-something backpacker), and of course, our hostel room wasn’t ready yet. After dumping our bags and heading out to explore Krakow by foot, we quickly realised that nothing was open. Nothing.

So we wandered the square. Admired the architecture around the square. Gazed skyward to the tower and the clouds, and peered into the largely empty market hall that, within a few hours, would be bustling.

Despite being exhausted and starving, we were able to appreciate the anticipated hum of morning in Krakow’s main square…albeit perhaps less so than if we were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and had intended on being up and wandering that early.

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