My Vancouver Secrets: Part One

Vancouver is a great city. After living there for six years, we definitely had our differences, but I’ll give Van props…it’s got some goods. I’ll always be a Toronto girl at heart, but there are certainly a few little bits about Vancouver that I truly miss.

In honour of TBEX ’11 being hosted oh-so-soon in my old stompin’ grounds, I thought I’d do a little series to share some of my Vancouver secrets. Listen close.

Secret Number One

While this isn’t a secret to residents of Kits, the neighbourhood I lived in, most visitors would have no idea this exists.

Along a stretch of the wildly popular Kits Beach there’s a separate section of the beach that is just for dogs. Yes. Just. For. Dogs.

(For those of you like me, who have a hard time being away from your dogs, this is pure heaven).

Kits Beach dogs

Dogs of all shapes and sizes come with their owners to romp around off-leash, splash in English Bay, drag sticks around, chase each other, and be dogs. It’s amazing, and totally satiates any I-miss-my-dog(s) appetites.

Best way to experience the dog beach?

About 9 or 10am on a weekend morning, grab a coffee at the Starbucks at Cypress and Cornwall and keep heading down Cypress to the beach. Take the set of wooden stairs going down to the beach, watch for little poo nuggets in the sand (owners sometimes miss a couple), perch yourself on a log, and enjoy.

The dog beach at Kits beach

If you’re a dog person, this is better than people watching.

So that’s my first Vancouver secret. Stay tuned as I divulge even more!

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