Cloudy National Gallery

Cloudy National Gallery, originally uploaded by lindsontheroad.

Trafalgar Square is one of the busiest parts of London, attracting tourists on a seemingly never-ending basis. I adore Trafalgar Square for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it’s home to Canada House, where I can always go to see my beloved Maple Leaf flying high, and, for moments when I’m feeling particularly patriotic, I smile at the provincial and territorial flags as well.

Secondly, the National Gallery is a beautiful building…and, it’s free admission! While that may not last much longer (thank you, austerity measures), it’s nice to be able to pop in casually just to check out The Arnolfini Wedding, one of my favourite paintings.

Thirdly, Trafalgar Square is so full and complicated that you can often find some really interesting views, perspectives, and observations, if you stand and watch for long enough. This is what happened when I took this photo. I was simply looking for a new angle, and I ended up with just that, plus a cool cloud and blue sky reflection. I like that hint of colour in the otherwise drab photo.

I’ve been feeling a touch nostalgic for living in England lately, and although I know that will certainly pass once Toronto gets in full swing of spring and summer, I can’t help but journey back through all of my photos every now and then to accompany my wistful thoughts and mixed emotions.

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