Hurrah! Champagne on the beach!

Dian at GirlsGetaway just informed me that my article, Luxe Travel: Naples, Florida, was the most popular article on GirlsGetaway for February 2011! Yay! It’s so exciting to know that people are enjoying what I’m writing, and that I can offer something to travelers to inspire them or help them plan a fun trip.

the beach in Naples, FloridaI’m heading to Naples on Monday for a four-day girls break with my mum (who lives down there January to March) and her BFF (who lives in Nassau from January to March…lucky ladies, eh?!), and I’m gonna put my GirlsGetaway winnings towards a bottle (or two!) of champers on the beach. Hurrah! Oh and you can be sure I’ll have another post or two on Naples coming up after my trip. So looking forward to a little luxe travel in the sun.

Thanks, Dian, and the readers of GirlsGetaway!


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