Finland’s Network of Green Ecotourism Businesses

Beautiful colours of the Northern Lights in LaplandOnce again, I’ve got more work up at MyNatour. This time, I’ve gone and written about my friend Aino’s homeland, and how Finland has this fantastic network of green tourism businesses. It’s great, because it helps maintain consistency throughout the industry, and really encourages tourists to embrace green initiatives in the same way the Finns have.

I adored the small bit of Finland that I saw (Helsinki and nearby Espoo), and absolutely want to revisit soon. I’d love to see some of the stunning “National Landscapes”, head up north to find Santa in Lapland, and definitely catch the Northern Lights from outside my ice-hotel. Best thing about traveling in Finland is that it’s pretty easy to do it in an eco-friendly way, and that’s because of the green network. We could learn something from those Finns, I tell ya!


PS. Gorgeous Northern Lights photo courtesy of VisitFinland’s Flickr page – check it out – the photos are stunning.

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