30 Rock

30 Rock, originally uploaded by lindsontheroad.

I love the show 30 Rock. It’s my kind of humour, and I think it’s just fantastic. Naturally, on my recent trip to NYC, I made a huge fuss of 30 Rockefeller, a building I’d never before really fussed over.

Happily, it’s actually a beautiful building. I’d always admired the Art Deco finishings on the Rockefeller buildings, but I suppose I’d never really stopped long enough to fully appreciate them. Now, I found myself truly admiring the building, and marveling at how awesome it actually is.

We ended up doing the Top of the Rock tour (I refuse to pay to go up the boring Empire State…I’ve done it 3 times already), and I learned quite a bit about the building, and got to see more of the intricate insides, which are even more wonderfully Art Deco (an art period I adore).

Funny how pop culture can help bring out the best in buildings you’d always appreciated, but never quite adored. Once again, thank you, Tina Fey.

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  1. James says:

    Top of the Rock … rocks!

    It’s a much better view of the city than what you get from the Empire State.

    Sure, if you’ve never been to the city there’s a certain romance factor to going up the “other” depression-era skyscraper. However, unless you’re really into zeppelins (as it used to be an airship dock), Sleepless in Seattle (and Tom Hanks in general), or An Affair to Remember (you didn’t remember though, did you?) – then you’re going to be dissapointed. Long lines, multiple elevators, no view of central park…

    But there is one penultimate sin that the Empire State Building makes that is unavoidable. When you go to look at a city, you want to see it’s landmarks, its claims to fame, and the iconic buildings that give a skyline it’s character. What building in the skyline of Manhattan has more character, more storied charm, iconic value and more haughty “New York vibe” than any other? Why, that would be the Empire State Building.
    The problem is… you can’t see the Empire State Building when you’re standing on the Empire State Building.
    But you can see it… from the top of 30 Rockefeller.

    1. James, I totally agree with you. That really is the point – to see the icons. Also, TotR gives a FAB view of Central Park. The view of the Chrysler Building is a little obscured, but you really get a pretty good impression of that building from street level. I also loved that when we went up TotR at night, we saw the Empire State all lit up in her Americana red white and blue. V. nice touch.

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