Solfar, Reykjavik’s Sun Voyager

So, I don’t like Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a silly excuse to do what you should do every day – tell the ones you love that you love and appreciate them. I don’t need a box of chocolates, just some time together.

For this week’s photo, instead of choosing something mushy and heart shaped, I decided on a photo that I truly love for a number of reasons.

1. I think it’s cool.
2. I love this sculpture, Jon Gunnar Arnason’s Solfar (Sun Voyager) in Reykjavik.
3. I love Iceland.
4. I went to Iceland with my love.
5. Sorry, that’s it, just four reasons.

When you find yourself in Reykjavik, seek out Solfar. Even if it’s well below zero (as it was when we were there), you won’t be able to help standing there for an hour taking photos from all angles. You’ll just love it.

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