Made you look – Banksy, is that you?

I don’t actually know if this is Banksy or not. I’d love to think it is, because I’d love to have actually stumbled across one while in London, but from what I’ve seen on line, this likely isn’t Banksy. Boo.

Regardless, I love this photo. Here’s why: Within my first couple weeks living in Guildford, I made a huge effort to trek the 40 minutes into London as often as I could. I soon realised this was not practical, financially speaking, and therefore had to tone it down a touch. Bad habits can escalate so quickly, especially travel ones ;)

Nonetheless, armed with my camera, a total craving for sushi, and a mad desire to pound the pavement across most of the city, I headed to London on my own, and had one of my favourite days of the year. Before I even got that sushi in my belly, I stumbled along this graffiti on the side of a building on Portobello Road (I think) in Notting Hill, and it made me feel like I was really in London.

I’m also a total scrabble nerd, so I liked that bit too.

The rest of the day was fab – the rain held off, and I trundled through Notting Hill, hopped the District Line to St. Paul’s Cathedral, scoffed at the exorbitant entrance fee, turned my back (after some photos, obvi), and headed down Fleet Street, onto The Strand, ducked in through Leicester Square, around to Trafalgar Square, bid good-day to Canada House (a natural pilgrimage), before dusk set in and I remembered that I had piles of readings to do for class tomorrow. I was, after all, supposed to be studying for a Master’s…

…but this photo proves why exploring London was just so much more fun.

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