Ecotourism in Iceland and Jordan

I’ve been a little posting monster lately!  Loads of guest posts and pieces are cropping up everywhere.  Hurrah!

I’m currently working with Davide and the MyNaTour team to create ecotourism destination guides for every country in the world(!), and thus far I’ve completed Jordan and Iceland.

Ecotourism in JordanJordan is a really cool country that I would absolutely love to visit, and although most people know it only for Petra, it’s actually got a lot of other great attractions to show off, especially eco ones.  In fact, Jordan is using ecotourism to help foster sustainable development, and while not all the screws are in place quite yet (read: cultural and social benefits), they’ve definitely got a lot of support (FoEME and Wild Jordan), and loads of natural beauty.

Iceland natural beautyIceland, on the other hand, is not only my favourite country in the world so far (aside from Canada, obvi), but it’s one that is inherently sustainable.  Leading the world in clean energy production and consumption, 75% of Iceland’s energy comes from hydro and geothermal sources.  Wicked.  Needless to say, it’s a really easy country in which to travel green, and makes ecotourism die-hards really happy.  Learn more about Iceland’s commitment to sustainability, and maybe you’ll fall in love with it too!

Stay tuned for more destination guides – next on my list: Croatia and the USA.


Photo Credit: #1 – _ambrown; #2 – yours truly…from a bus…on the way to the Blue Lagoon

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