Oktoberfest!, originally uploaded by lindsontheroad.

I’d wanted to go to Oktoberfest for years, and I finally made it there in 2008. This photo was inside the Lowenbrau tent, which we ended up getting seats outside of. Inside all the tents, the tables are booked way in advance, and usually for groups of 6 or more (at least that’s what I guessed from the unhelpful planning website). It was really quite cold that day (about 5C), but it was SO worth the wait. Our beers were amazing and the atmosphere was hilarious – tables filled with various nationalities kept standing up and singing drinking slash teasing songs at each other, and the best were definitely the French. I had such a great time, but clearly not as great as the guy outside Lowenbrau who fell asleep using a beer stein as a pillow. Hard times, friend.

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  1. Laura Mustard says:

    I know that expression! Cute photo, Linds.

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