a series on ethical travel

Now, as I’ve said, I don’t particularly believe in New Year’s Resolutions, because I believe in order to make a true change in your behaviour and attitude, it has to be of an organic nature and develop at an appropriate time (ie. when you’re ready).  However, as the travel industry continues to grow and reach intimate corners of the world never before heard of, it impacts destinations with little to no infrastructure, and no capacity to manage these visitors.  Conversely, other traditionally popular destinations continue to suffer the stress and strain of mass tourism.  These are just two ethical considerations that must be made as we continue to travel.

I believe it’s important to discuss the ethical implications of our zest for global consumption, so I’m going to initiate a conversational series on my perspectives of ethical topics in tourism.  Some of the topics I plan on writing on are the feasibility of sustainability, making the right decisions without compromising your experience, having the best impact as a voluntourist, the consumption and inevitable commodification of sites of dark tourism (ie. sites of death and destruction), and dispelling myths through a comparison of independent and package tours.

I hope this discuss will get you engaged and thinking about how you will travel now and in the future, provide you with some new food for thought, and spark a discussion on this industry we love so fervently.

Posts will start to appear this week, so stay tuned and happy reading!

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