Looking ahead into 2011, I’m not entirely sure what the year will bring, travel-wise.  I tend not to make resolutions, because I don’t believe the new year is the best way to kick-start life changes.  Usually these changes need to be more organic, and come about at the right time for them to truly be successful.  I do, however, have a wish list, per se, of where I/we plan on traveling to this year.  Here goes.


It’ll be Tom’s first time in NYC and my fifth, and as I wrote earlier, some sightseeing and food compromises will need to be made.  Also, budget-friendly will be the name of our travel game.  We’re pretty sure we’ll be successful, especially thanks to all the tips out there in the blogosphere.

Papua New Guinea / HK / Australia

Tom’s dad and stepmum are moving to PNG in a week to work as head teachers/academic advisers for the PNG elementary school system.  Pretty cool, eh?  If only I liked children, I’d be a teacher in no time – great vacay plus awesome work abroad opportunities!  Anyway, we’re going to visit them sometime in the fall, and have to go via Hong Kong, Singapore, or somewhere in Australia (tough, eh?).  We’re definitely going to go one way through HK to visit a few of my friends, and hopefully we’ll get to go through Oz on the way back (never been!).  Planning is obviously still uber-sketchy, but we’re both really excited about this.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I know, right?  I’m so cool.  Well, regardless of what anyone says, we’re hoping to make it to Orlando to check out Hogwarts.  My friend and I promised each other we’d go together, and we’re trying to make that a reality before one of us moves off the North American continent again.  We’ll likely combine it with a trip to my parents’ place in Naples (only about a 4 hour drive and free accommodation!), so should be pretty sweet.  Who knows if we’ll actually do it, but it’s definitely on the bucket list (I guess I should add it…).

Get a job

Okay, so this isn’t a travel destination, but I just got my Master’s in Tourism Management, so I’m looking for an industry related job.  Heyyy who wants to hire me!  I’ve got mad skills, serious university degrees, and am a total eager beaver.  The Toronto tourism job market isn’t fantastic right now, so I’m applying to pretty much everything that suits me, but no bites…yet.  Here’s hoping that’ll change.

So those are my plans for 2011.  Pretty basic, I know, but I’m hella excited!  Can’t wait to get out there and explore, and hear all about everyone else’s adventures.  Happy New Year!

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  1. frizzieliz says:

    You said hella. I can only assume that is partly from my California influence, eh? :)

    1. Haha you may take partial credit. I used hella prior to knowing you, my friend, but I’d lapsed in usage. It was your influence that reintroduced it to my rather colourful vocabulary. I thank you, and applaud you for your excellent usage of eh…was that my Canadian influence?!

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