unique honeymoons

Trying to decide where to go for your honeymoon? Interested in going ‘off the beaten romance path’? Forget Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Here are my top three suggestions for more unique honeymoon destinations that have their own idea of romance.  These are some suggestions on how you can go on a more unique honeymoon.

1. Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Iceland Honeymoon

I completely fell in love with Iceland when I was there last year. Firstly, and very importantly, the food is fantastic (especially if you like fish and adventurous flavours). Secondly, thermal baths – uber romantic! The most famous is Blue Lagoon, outside Reykjavik, but there are others throughout the country. Thirdly, the landscapes throughout the country are actually unbelievable. Rent a Jeep, get a map, rent cabins along the way, and prepare to be amazed. Finally, the Northern Lights and the Land of the Midnight Sun. If you’re there in the winter, chances are you could spot Mother Nature’s extravaganza. In the summer, party all day and all night, because the sun doesn’t go down! Give yourself at least a week, but preferably two weeks to see the whole country.

2. South America

Machu Picchu Peru Honeymoon

A girl I went to elementary school with (and am Facebook friends with, but don’t really talk to…as you do) just went to Peru and hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for her honeymoon.  While it’s a tough adventure, if that’s your thing (and really, only if that’s your thing), it offers utterly romantic sweeping views and snuggly nights in the tent under the stars.  If you’re not as aggressive a hiker, perhaps head down to Patagonia in Argentina, for some spectacular skiing, a little less intense hiking, but equally incredible scenery.  You could also mix a trip to Patagonia with a trip to the northern Argentinian border with Brazil to check out the spectacular, postcard-perfect, pinch-yourself Iguassu (Iguazu) Falls.  You could then head to Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro for a little urban love.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand Honeymoon

The adventure tourism capital of the world would make any adrenaline junkie couples too happy for words.  From skydiving and bungee jumping, to kayaking and whitewater rafting, and a lot more, New Zealand is the country of dreams.  The landscapes are stunning, the people are reportedly very friendly, and the opportunities for excitement and adventure (and building on that marriage trust while doing all these crazy things) are endless.  You can also interact with the native Maori people, a tribe whose rituals are reportedly very warm, caring, and family oriented.  Best thing to do would be to rent a camper and go from one end of the country to the other.  Give yourself three weeks, though, if you want to be thorough.  You could do it in two.

So there you have it; some great ideas for those honeymooners who don’t want to be like everyone else and lie on a beach the entire time.  Get out there, explore the world, and have your fun.  You never know when icky little children could be on the way!

Oh, and while you’re at it, modernise your gift registry for your wedding and ask for things you can do on your honeymoon.  Some great places to help are: Honeymoon Wishes and eHoneymoon Registry.

Photo #3 source: Pacific Guide

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