this is how you compromise…NYC style

Tom and I will likely be going to NYC together in February (fingers crossed!) and it’s going to be a situation of compromise. I’ve been to NYC five times. He’s never been. I am a total foodie. He is not. I hate touristy things. That’s all he wants to do. Fun, non?!

It’s not that I hate touristy things. Well, it kind of is. I just don’t believe that doing the obligatory touristy tours really give you a good sense of what the destination means, what makes it tick, what the fundamentals are. I believe the best way to discover that is to hook up with locals, eat the food, and wander aimlessly through neighbourhoods, popping into little stores here and there, and staying off the beaten path (which, really, is impossible in NYC, but go with me here).

Tom, on the other hand, wants to ascend the Empire State Building, see the Statue of Liberty, and marvel at Times Square. How do I feel about this? I think the Empire State Building offers a great view, but, like the CN Tower, all you can see is stuff below you. I think going up to Top of the Rock you get a better view, and get to see the ESB in your view. Also, it’s cheaper, less crowded, and has the NBC Studios in it. Huzzah! As for the Statue of Liberty, well, as a non-American, it’s underwhelming. I get what it represents, but it’s smaller than you expect it to be, and the symbolism doesn’t quite resonate because I’m not American. Best to just check it out from Battery Park and then peace out back up Manhattan. And finally, Times Square. It’s busy as &@$* and completely chaotic, and yeah, it’s cool, but you can seriously get completely lost. And, one of the biggest tourist draws is the Hershey store, and Tom is disgusted by Hershey chocolate, claiming it “tastes like sour milk”. His words, people, not mine.

What do I want to see? The MoMA (again), the Frick (again), Peanut Butter and Co. (again), Max Brenner’s, Momofuko, Balthazar, SushiSamba, NoLiTa, SoHo, the Village, Central Park, and Brooklyn.

Problems: I’m an impatient art gallery goer, and Tom is even more so. Since I’ve been to both the Frick and the MoMa, fat chance we’ll go again. I’m okay with that.

Next problem: I’m obsessed (OBSESSED) with peanut butter. Tom hates everything nutty. Solution: I don’t care.

Next problem: We have a major budget to stick to. My food tastes are a tad expensive. Solution: A little of this, a little of that. Tom loves sushi and chocolate, so I doubt he’ll have issues spending money on those topics. Same with pizza (I’m looking at you, Brooklyn). I’ll forsake Balthazar, since I’ve been there before, and we’ll unearth some less expensive options. Either that, or we’ll just eat once a day.

So there you have it. This is how you compromise…NYC style. Stay tuned for the low-down on what ACTUALLY happens. Hm.

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