Eating Beyond Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Seattle is my kind of town. In the six years I lived in Vancouver, BC, I hit up the Emerald City about eight times. After all, it’s only a three hour drive from Vancouver. What’s not to love?!

Pike Place Market, SeattleGo beyond Pike Place Market
Photo thanks to: …me!

Now, when people think Seattle, they think seafood and Pike Place Market – and rightly so – these two food attractions have helped make Seattle a legendary food destination. However, it’s not all seafood and Pike Place. I spent one weekend uncovering two new non-seafood reasons to keep making the trek to Starbucks-ville. Unfortunately, one of my discoveries wasn’t open while I was there, but I could tell it will be a worthwhile stop next time. ‘Salumi’ is a simply named artisan charcuterie in the historic Pioneer Square neighbourhood. Owned by Armandino Batali, father of famous chef and restauranteur Mario Batali, Salumi is based on the traditional Italian idea of a salumeria. It has a curing facility in-store and is “dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the handmade food traditions of Italy and the Mediterranean”. It’s only open Tuesday to Friday, 11am to 4pm, so make sure you plan it into your day.

Salumi, SeattleSalumi, Seattle, WA
Photo thanks to: ario_

Now, despite Seattle’s reputation for outstanding quality and selection of fishies, this next stop catered to my other favourite food group. Can you guess? Yes, yes, you guessed right if you yelled out, “cheeeeeese”! I read about Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Seattle’s premier artisan cheesemaker, in a Seattle food guide found in our hotel room, and just about made a beeline for the Pike Place store. At the corner of Pike Place and Pine Street, just across from the market itself, Beecher’s is a little taste of cheese heaven.

Beecher's Handmade Cheese SeattleBeecher’s Handmade Cheese, Seattle, WA
Photo thanks to: marichica88

Open daily from 9am to 6pm, Beecher’s sells over twenty-five different American artisanal cheeses (mainly from Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho), cheese books and paraphernalia, frozen cheese entrees, and the main attraction, their cafe food. At the front of the long store is where the action is, with a selection of grilled sandwiches, soups, and their famous mac n’ cheese available to purchase.

Beecher's Cheese SeattleBeecher’s Handmade Cheese
Photo thanks to: iwona_kellie

They call their mac n’ cheese “World’s Best”, so with such a distinction, I, the cheese fiend, have high expectations. Oh ma god I was not disappointed. Made with their Flagship cheddar and penne pasta, this is easily the best mac n’ cheese I’ve ever had (sorry Mum!). The rich, creamy cheese and the perfectly chewy pasta was almost too good to savour. I had to remind myself to slow down and enjoy it! You can buy it in 8oz or 16oz tubs, and I definitely wished I had gone for the larger size (although my waistline was probably content with only 8oz). Unbelievable goodness. Beecher’s has definitely earned its spot on my must-see list in Seattle.

Beecher's SeattleBeecher’s Handmade Mac n Cheese
Photo thanks to: Brighter than Sunshine

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